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Small Business Matters

Small businesses, whether they be start-ups, established family businesses or other commercial ventures, face an increasing level of competitiveness in today’s business environment. In many cases, especially as your business grows, small businesses are not aware of the laws and regulations that affect them. Business owners and officers who fail to perform such due diligence can lead to unnecessary legal problems and legal expenses that have not been accounted for in a company’s growth. Our goal is to ensure that not only is your business set up to succeed, but also set up to handle the legal hurdles that come with business growth.

Experience with a Wide Variety of Industries

The Law Practice of Ken C Gauvey provides legal services to a large variety of industries in Maryland. The firm is experienced in representing bars and restaurants, nightclubs, retail wholesalers, construction and remodeling companies, mortgage companies, family run businesses, manufacturers, technology companies, and importers among many others.

Your Partner in Business Litigation and Commercial Legal Concerns

Liquor License

Liquor licenses can be created or transferred. Whatever your particular situation, the Law Practice of Ken C Gauvey can help. We have experience before liquor boards with both the creation of new liquor licenses, the transfers of existing licenses, and even negotiating liquor licenses in the bankruptcy process.

Corporate Litigation

Corporate litigation can involve any number of types of situations. It could mean a breach of contract between companies, violation of a non-compete, breach of a commercial lease, or defending against employees who might bring legal action against their employers among other things. Each case, and each type of case, requires a specialized approach. The Law Practice of Ken C Gauvey is experienced in these types of civil actions in both the federal and state arenas.

Breach of Contract

The vast majority of business to business litigation involves some form of breach of contract. Whether the contract be for the supply of goods and materials, a job gone bad, the breach of a commercial lease, or the hiring of ex-employees to compete against their former employer, breach of contract claims form a significant majority of claims in business litigation. The Law Practice of Ken C Gauvey not only can help with the negotiation of contracts in your best interest, but can also help navigate the legal issues surrounding contracts already negotiated.

Employment Matters

Whether you are establishing an employee handbook, dealing with an issue involving a non-compete agreement or defending against a lawsuit brought by an employee, the Law Practice of Ken C Gauvey has experience in both federal and state matters essential for the continuing existence and growth of your business.

Commercial Leases

The Law Practice of Ken C Gauvey is experienced in both creating commercial leases as well as handling the litigation issues involved with evictions and collecting back rent.

Non-Compete and Restrictive Covenants

Businesses should seek protections through agreements preventing key employees from competing and to protect their business interests. This area of law changes regularly as such agreements are interpreted by the Courts. Keeping up with the changes involved with this ever-evolving area of law means not only having expert legal counsel, but also periodically updating and maintaining these agreements among small-businesses’ workers.

Trademark Issues

The Law Practice of Ken C Gauvey offers trademark search and registration services for its clients. Moreover, we have experience litigating trademark issues, as well as wrongful competition matters both federally through the Lanham Act, as well as through Maryland’s laws governing competitive conduct.

If you are seeking legal guidance on how to best help your company now and as it grows, the Law Practice of Ken C. Gauvey, base in Baltimore, can provide up-to-date guidance for businesses throughout the state. To schedule a no-obligation, confidential consultation to discuss how we can help you and protect your interests to enhance your ability to survive and grow, call us at (410) 282-2700.