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Starting a business, hiring employees, and just being successful can pose legal challenges to any businesses. Knowing when to seek counsel – and finding someone who has your business’ interests in mind – is key to staying a step ahead. Our goal is to partner with our clients, and provide reasonable solutions with cost-effective strategies designed to be successful, rather than for the purpose of increasing attorneys’ fees.

Communication and keeping our clients informed and involved is critical to our practice. Our clients have access to their case through our online portal with access to all documents, dates, and all other information related to their case. Through this system, our clients can follow their case every step of the way.


Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Businesses are constantly subject to legal issues from their start and through their growth. Whether forming a new company, negotiating a lease, or hiring the first employees, business face legal issues that can mean the difference between success and failure. Once a business is established, that growth brings new legal issues as the company becomes subject to more and more state and federal regulation, employment laws, larger contract issues. We help businesses succeed by proactively addressing each of these issues with solutions designed to protect and grow your business.
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Eventually, most businesses will face some type of litigation, whether it is through enforcing a non-compete, breach of contract, service issues, or employee matters. We offer reasonable rates and a cost-effective strategy aimed at resolving the matter, rather than designed to increase your litigation costs.
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Construction Law

Construction and Contractor companies face unique legal issues. In addition to simply running the business, Construction and Contractor companies face increasing regulation, labor issues, defect litigation, warranty claims, and evolving contracts that continuously change the scope of work. We help Construction and Contractor companies each step of the way whether it be reviewing a contract, litigating union or defect issues, or ensuring payment.
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Restaurants and Entertainment

The entertainment industry is particularly susceptible to legal actions. In large part, the entertainment industry’s vulnerability lies with the tipped-employee exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act. However, other issues can arise from relationships with contractors, independent contractors, unlawful means of competition, immigration issues, and other wage and hour claims. The claims against the entertainment industry have risen exponentially in recent years. As a result, new cases are constantly changing the landscape of how the entertainment industry must treat employees, deal with subcontractors, and run their business.
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Employment-Based Immigration

Immigration options for highly valued employees are limited. The most severe job shortages in the U.S. also have some of the fewest options to bring in foreign nationals to fill those positions. We have extensive experience in assisting clients hire foreign national doctors, executives, engineers, and scientists, among other highly valued employees.
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How to Prepare for Wrongful Termination Cases in Maryland

Maryland, like many other states throughout the nation, is an “at-will” employment state. This means an employee can get fired by their employer, or the employee can resign, for any reason or no reason at all. Unless otherwise established in an employment contract, a...

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When Can You Sue for Unpaid Wages in Maryland?

Employees have the right to be treated fairly and respectfully by their employers. Workers also have the right to raise their voice when mistreated or discriminated. As an employee, you are entitled to receive your agreed-upon wages for your performance in the...

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